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The NCERC is a not-for-profit research center that conducts research and findings for industrial and institutional clients. Our missions is to facilitate the commercialization of new technologies for producing fuel ethanol more effectively.

The Center's clients receive validation of technologies that enhance the economics and sustainability of renewable fuel production, and bioprocessing scale-up.

The NCERC staff also conducts research in areas of unmet need, by leading or participating in collaborative grant-funded projects. Using the pilot plant as an experiential classroom, the Center provides workforce development training on the corn-to-ethanol production process for those interested in a career in the industry. To view current employment opportunties visit Careers at the NCERC.

Like a commercial facility, the Center has all of the unit operations and laboratory capabilities of a commercial plant, just on a smaller scale. These capabilities make the facility ideal for:

  • Validating commercial concepts for improving fuel ethanol production.
  • Generating co-products for feeding trials or process streams for further development.
  • Meeting toll use of individual or collective unit operations for other bioprocessing needs, and laboratory method development or analytical services.

The NCERC and its clients operate under confidentiality agreements on a fee-for-service basis.

Advance Research from Lab to Market

  • Maintain a state-of-the-art facility, which is the preferred site for fuel ethanol research
  • Maximize the use of the facility to validate commercial concepts by ensuring the lowest possible cost to operate
  • Lead the formation of collaborations to address unmet commercial research needs
  • Serve as an industry leader in the development and stewardship of process and product quality, consistency, and environmental and safety standards

Advocacy & Training

  • Develop the capability of people and programs to serve the industry
  • Serve as an education and training resource for the public
  • Showcase research initiatives and products
  • Illinois Ethanol Research Advisory Board

The Center has a board and advisory structure to be certain the Center's capablilities and work conducted are aligned with the market needs.

Watch this video to learn more about why NCERC is the perfect location for industry and academic collaboration. "NCERC - A Public/Private Partnership Success Story"

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