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Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois

Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois (HB165/SB52) is smart public-policy. By allowing a decades-old incentive for a product that has reached 98% market saturation to expire, Consumer Fuel Choice provides hundreds of millions of dollars in new state revenue while investing in innovation and facilitating the expansion of an industry proven to create new jobs and economic development for Illinois. Here's what you need to know:

Consumer Fuel Choice is NOT a mandate.
The legislation simply creates an incentive for gas stations to offer consumers more choices at the pump by creating a sales tax incentive for E15. Consumers can then choose the best gasoline blend for themselves based on their personal needs and interests.

Consumer Fuel Choice saves money for our state.
The state of Illlinois is drowning in debt, with billions in unpaid bills and liabilities. Consumer Fuel Choice returns more than $500 million to the state coffers over the next five years, without cutting vital programs or raising taxes.

Consumer Fuel Choice is good for your wallet.
Ethanol costs less than regular gasoline. A gallon of ethanol costs anywhere from .50 cents to $1.50 less than a gallon of gasoline. Those are dollars that go directly back into your pocket!

Consumer Fuel Choice is good for our planet.
Ethanol is better for the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions up to 59%.

Consumer Fuel Choice protects our national security.
Increased ethanol usage in the United States continues to reduce dependence on foreign oil - every drop of ethanol used is one less that must be imported from countries that are less than friendly to U.S. interests.

Ready to Take Action?

If you think Consumer Fuel Choice is the right choice for Illinois, ask your legislators to support HB 165/SB 52. Find your Illinois state representative and state senator HERE.

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